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An avid gardener with a lovely home overlooking Newport Beach……..


Casey & George had been waiting on the adoption list for years…..


The doorbell rang once then a second time, “Hello is anyone home?” came the voice of a lady….


Pipe relining simply means inserting a resin-coated fibreglass lining into the damaged pipe to…

Facts about Newport

Newport is located in northern Sydney in New South Wales, approximately 31km north of the CBD of Sydney. Newport makes up part of Sydney’s Northern Beaches region. The suburb is perched between the Pacific Ocean and Pittwater estuary, the former being patrolled by the Newport Surf Life Saving Club. The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club and the Royal Motor Yacht Club can be found on the banks of the estuary.Locals and visitors alike have an array of lovely cafés and restaurants to choose from in Newport, as well as the much loved Newport Arms Hotel, also situated on Pittwater. The picturesque Bungan Beach is a top spot for swimming, unwinding and taking in some beautiful views of Newport.

If after a relaxing afternoon out with friends at one of Newport’s eateries you come home to discover that your toilet is not flushing as it should or there’s a pool of water in your garden, indicating a leak somewhere in your plumbing, do not despair! Know that your friendly local neighbourhood plumbers at Plumber Newport are a phone call away, ready to save the day!

Plumber Newport Fact

“Call Plumber Newport today on 0402 290 290 for a same day plumbing service that is always fast, affordable, friendly and professional. If you book a job with Plumber Newport online, you can save yourself $25! It’s Plumber Newport’s way of saying ‘thanks’ to our customers.”

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Plumber Newport is pleased to offer the following plumbing services:

Servicing and replacement of old and new hot water systems (all models)
Complete sewer system care and pipe relining
Installation of new toilets, vanities, basins/sinks and tapware
Clearing of blocked drains
Setting up and maintaining home rainwater tanks
LPG conversions/gas line maintenance
Service and installation of rainwater tanks

Seven reasons why Plumber Newport is your number one choice for plumbing services:



Our tradesmen all wear neat work uniforms and will not leave a mess for you to clean up after they leave at the completion of their work at your premises



We are transparent about our prices. Our upfront price is guaranteed and you can rest assured that it will not contain any hidden charges



All the work that our plumbers carry out is fully guaranteed and we promise you 100% customer satisfaction



Plumber Newport operates 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. If you need us, we’re here to tackle any size plumbing emergency, any time of the year



Before saying goodbye at the completion of a job, your friendly plumber from Plumber Newport will take a look at the rest of your plumbing



Plumber Newport’s vans are stocked with the supplies and tools our plumbers need to tackle any kind of plumbing job they are faced with



Our plumbers at Plumber Newport are highly skilled, experienced professionals who take great pride in all of the work that they carry out

Client Testimonials

– Melina – 

Fantastic!  We were very pleased with everything.  Thanks! 

– Melina –  Fantastic!  We were very pleased with everything.  Thanks! 

– Amy – 

Very helpful as always – thank you do much! 

– Amy –  Very helpful as always – thank you do much! 

 – Elizabeth –

Very prompt, thanks for turning up at promised time and attempting to explain what was needed

 – Elizabeth – Very prompt, thanks for turning up at promised time and attempting to explain what was needed

From cold water to cold water to hot water – how Plumber Newport brought warmth to Jay’s shower again!

It was a glorious Sydney day. 26.C, sunny and not a cloud in the sky. Jay had spent a fantastic day at the beach, swimming in the refreshing ocean and having some laughs with his mates. The cold sea water was exhilarating in the warm sun but when the sun started to set and the temperature in turn dropped, Jay and the lads decided to call it a day and parted ways. Wrapped in his wet towel, Jay looked forward to a nice long hot shower when he got home, followed by a drinking a few beers on the couch whilst watching the footy on TV.

When Jay got home, he immediately threw his wet beach towel into the laundry then proceeded to walk into the bathroom where he eagerly turned on the shower taps – hot water on full with a smidgen of cold water. When Jay jumped in the shower approximately 20 seconds later, the water was as cold as the ocean he had just come from! He waited patiently for another minute or so, hoping the water would heat eventually, but to his surprise, it didn’t. Jay didn’t know a great deal about plumbing, so he called his neighbourhood plumbing company, Plumber Newport for help.

When Jay spoke to a plumber, he was told someone could come round that evening to take a look at the hot water heating unit if it was an emergency. Jay laughed and told the plumber he’d survive until the morning without a hot shower, but if he could come round then, that’d be great. The plumber told him that was absolutely possible and that he’d see him sometime mid-morning the next day.

The plumber from Plumber Newport arrived at around 10:30am the next morning, cheery and smartly dressed in his work uniform. Jay directed the plumber to the hot water heater round the side of the house and upon examination, the plumber noticed it was an old gas unit. The plumber gave Jay an upfront cost for fixing the heater and also suggested replacing and upgrading it with a more energy efficient model of gas water heater. As a bachelor solely responsible for the utilities bills and a bloke who was conscious of his carbon footprint, he went with the suggestion of replacing the heater. The plumber offered to source a suitable gas water heater within Jay’s budget and install it for him, if he wished. Jay was grateful for the offer, knowing nothing about such devices and accepted it, thanking the very helpful plumber for his assistance. Before the sun set that evening, Jay had a new gas hot water system installed and his body and soul were once again enjoying the benefits of a therapeutic hot shower!

Breathe easy knowing that your local Plumber Newport is just a phone call away! Call us today on 0402 290 290. We’ll look after you – any time of day!

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