Emergency Plumbing

Do you have a Plumbing Emergency?

Need immediate assistance on leaking plumbing fixtures? Don’t panic and contact a professional plumber right away. At Plumber Newport, we guarantee to provide quick and reliable plumbing service at a reasonable price. Our emergency plumbers are certified to deal with several types of plumbing emergencies including:

  • Leaks or burst pipes

  • Hot water emergencies

  • Blocked drains

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Why Plumber Newport?

  • Reliable emergency service at a cheaper cost
  • 24-hour service with 1-hour response time, anywhere in Newport
  • Over 10,000 cases of household emergencies solved each month
  • Our emergency plumbers are licensed and well-equipped

Call us now on 0488 885 215 and we’ll fix your plumbing emergencies quickly and professionally.

Plumbing Emergency Newport

The doorbell rang once then a second time, “Hello is anyone home?” came the voice of a lady. Caitlin wondered if it was some eager charity collector bothering her on a Saturday morning. She opened the front door to see her neighbour. “Good morning Elsie, is there a problem?” “Well I am OK but you seem to have a problem with a water leak as there is water running onto the street from your driveway, just wanted to let you know.”

Caitlin called Greg and the pair investigated. They opened the garage door to see water flooding through the entire area. They both looked at each other and exchanged horrified looks. Pipe work from the pool above had burst and allow half of the pool to empty into the service room, garage and into the street.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Greg. “I noticed a pipe leaking last night so I tried to repair it with some duct tape, it seemed to hold OK and I was going to call a plumber today.”

“I think we need to call someone straight away!” Caitlin said.

Greg had used the services of Your Neighbourhood Plumber Newport previously and found the technician to be very helpful and was happy to give Greg options and various pricing to help him make a good decision. He called the Newport Plumber and advised him of the emergency and the fact that the pool was emptying through the garage.

The Plumber arrived mid-morning and was quick to diagnose the problem area. Greg was embarrassed that he had tried to repair the pipe with duct tape but the plumber had seen people do many things to try and avoid calling out a professional, he reassured Greg not to worry about it and concentrate on fixing the problem at hand. He was able to make repairs to the pipe and helped Greg to remove some of the water from the garage too.

Greg was talking to the plumber and they both estimated that it would take a fair bit to refil the pool. Greg checked with the plumber if he could start to refill the pool as he had heard horror stories of fibre glass pools lifting if they were allowed to empty. It turned out the pool needed to be refilled with 15,000 litres of water. It was a valuable lesson for Greg, if you have a water leak don’t try and fix it yourself, call in a professional!

A reliable plumber is sometimes difficult to find. Whatever the emergency call a plumber you can trust in Newport 0488 885 215.

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Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing problems can occur anytime, to anybody and with no warning. You’ll need a reliable emergency plumbing service which will respond whenever during the day or evening to assist fix your seeping water heater, damaged sewer pipes, or if you have other serious, unpredicted, and many occasions, harmful plumbing issues that need immediate action.

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