Steps for Cleaning Baseboard Hot Water Heater

baseboard hot waterIn order to keep your house warm, you can try a number of different methods and baseboard heating system is one of the most popular methods for every house. However, if you have a baseboard hot water system in your house, then it is necessary that you keep it clean to get the most from it and you can do the cleaning with the following steps.


1) First turn off the baseboard heater before starting your cleaning. This is very important because if you will not turn off the heater, then it can cause for accidents or burning, so follow this step before anything else.


2) After turning off the heater you need to open its cover for cleaning it from inside. In order to open the baseboard you can use a screwdriver for this. After opening it, use a damp cloth and clean the cover from inside and outside both.


3) After cleaning the cover you need to clean the Dissipation fin. For this, you can use a good quality soft brush and you can clean the entire area around the fin using your brush.


4) Once you clean the cover and fins both, then you need to remove the dust or other things that are still there. For cleaning the other remaining parts you can use a good quality computer duster for this. Also, when you clean it, and then make sure you pay minute attention to special areas.


Once you are done with the above steps, then it is suggested that you should use a good quality vacuum cleaner as well to clean your baseboard hot water system. Cleaning with this vacuum cleaner will remove all the visible dust and debris along with invisible one and you will be able to get the best heating from your heating system in easy way.

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