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Discovering that your sinks won’t drain or the water in your toilet won’t flush is something we all dread. Apart from the frustration plumbing issues cause, there is the worry that if left untreated, blockages in your sewer system can cause your pipes to weaken and in time, break. If you suspect that your pipes are clogged, do not hesitate to call plumbing professionals immediately. Tell-tale signs that your sewer line requires serious attention include the following:

  • Gurgling and bubbling sounds can be heard from sinks and basins
  • Water in your toilet fails to flush properly
  • Foul stenches emanating from laundry, bathroom and kitchen areas
  • There is an overflow of wastewater in the sewer gully
  • Poor water drainage in general

Pipe repair solutions

No matter what type of pipes have been used in your sewer system, they are susceptible to erosion and/or blockages. Traditionally, when sewer systems have failed to operate efficiently, deep excavation has been required to repair the pipes. This is a costly, lengthy and destructive process, one which fills many with fear upon discovering that they need their sewer line repaired.

Fortunately, there is a relatively new and far more practical pipe repair option available today – ‘pipe relining’. Using this method, there is no need for messy excavations. Pipe relining can be done within a day and performed on any type of sewer pipe ranging in length from 40mm to 600mm.

More about pipe relining

Pipe relining simply means inserting a resin-coated fibreglass lining into the damaged pipe to create a new pipe within it, thereby removing the need for pipe replacement. Once lined, the host pipe becomes stronger than ever, able to withstand anything that may challenge its resilience. This includes the invasion of tree roots – a sewer pipe’s worst enemy.

How the pipe relining process is carried out

    Below are the steps our experts in pipe relining will meticulously carry out to ensure your job is completed to the highest standard:

    Partial cleaning of the pipe: Your sewer pipe will be partially cleaned with a high powered water jetter to clear away debris in preparation for the internal inspection.

    Video inspection: Next, a CCTV sewer camera is inserted into the pipes to gain a clear understanding of where the damage is and how severe it is. We invite our client at this stage to have a look at the video footage themselves. This helps the client make an informed decision about whether to opt for pipe relining as a method of pipe repair.

    Full clean: Once it has been decided that pipe relining is an appropriate repair method for the task at hand, a more thorough clean of the sewer pipe will be performed to ensure it is ready for the lining stage.

    The installation of the liner: Once the pipes are clean, a fibreglass cloth liner soaked in epoxy resin will be inverted into the damaged pipe. With the aid of an air compressor, the liner will be pressed firmly against the diameter of the host pipe.

    Curing stage: Once the plumbers are satisfied that the lining is nicely in place, it will be left to dry for at least a couple of hours. For bigger pipes, steam may be used also to speed up the curing time.

    Final inspection: The last step is to examine the pipe again, this time to make sure that the pipe relining has been completed successfully.

An overview of the benefits of pipe relining

It’s probably quite apparent by now that the benefits of pipe relining are numerous. Here is a snapshot of the advantages you can expect if you choose pipe relining:

  • Cost-effectiveness – As no excavation is required, nor a large team of staff or a lot of equipment, costs are cut considerably.
  • Minimal disruption – No excavation means minimal mess and less disruption to your life than would be the case if excavation was required.
  • Time efficiency – Pipe relining can be performed quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Typically, pipe relining jobs are completed in under a day; in just a few hours in some cases.
  • Durability – Your new relined pipe will be more durable than ever. In fact, we guarantee that it will perform effectively for up to 50 years.
  • Better performance – Wastewater will flow more steadily and smoothly through your relined sewer pipe.

Pipe relining is becoming an increasingly popular choice of pipe repair, and it’s no wonder why. If you’d like to take advantage of its many benefits, call us today on 0488 885 215 and we’ll help you get the ball rolling.

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